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About Us

At Getamme Laboratories Nigeria Limited, We welcome innovations that improve our Services.

Our History in Words

The GETAMME LABORATORIES (NIGERIA) LIMITED, also called GETAMME LABS is a member of the GETAMME GROUP of companies which started business operations in Nigeria in 1996 initially under the trading name, GETAMME GEOCHEM, the consultancy division of the now rested GETAMME (NIGERIA) LIMITED. For many years, GETAMME GEOCHEM provided Geochemical Analytical services to leading E&P companies in Nigeria but as a result of expansion of business and strategic alliances with other local and international service providers, the company’s portfolio extended into geochemical/environmental consultancies, training/capacity building, etc., thus necessitating start-up of new companies to take charge of specialist areas for greater operational efficiency.

Hence, the incorporation of GETAMME LABS to oversee the laboratory aspects, GETAMME GEOCHEM (NIGERIA) LIMITED to handle Petroleum Exploration and Production(E&P) consultancies in Geochemistry/Geology and related disciplines such as environmental/remediation studies, basin modelling, flow assurance, etc., and OIL & GAS ACADEMY LIMITED to provide short and long term training for human capacity building. No doubt, there is overlap of functions and it is recognized that the respective companies have to work closely together for synergy.

The present Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of the Group of Companies is Chukwuemeka M. Ekweozor PhD, FNAPE, FNMGS formerly Professor of Organic Geochemistry at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He founded GETAMME GEOCHEM close to when he was retiring from Nigeria’s premier University after 22 years of service. Prof. Ekweozor is an acknowledged authority on the Petroleum Geochemistry/Geology of Nigerian sedimentary basins, having published extensively for over three decades, locally and internationally on the formation and occurrence of Petroleum in the Niger Delta and the Inland basins, namely, Dahomey, Anambra, Benue Trough, Chad and Calabar Flank. He was honoured by the Nigerian Mining and Geosciences Society (NMGS) with the 2009 NMGS/NAPIMS/PROF. R.A. REYMENT AWARD ‘in recognition of significant contribution in the area of soft rock geology’.

Prof. Ekweozor is also skilled in the relevant chemical analytical applications for soil/rock and fluid (water, gas, oil), especially gas chromatography and gas chromatography/mass spectrometry as well as metal and non-metal spectroscopic techniques. The tools for these technologies are familiar to him because he utilized most of them extensively for his doctoral research, teaching and research at Ibadan and overseas institutions. He has since the late 1990s applied the same skills in numerous geochemical projects and training service projects conducted for various E&P companies by the GETAMME GROUP.

The technical staff strength of GETAMME LABS/GETAMME GEOCHEM (NGERIA) LTD presently consists of a compact team of full-time/part-time Analysts, Geochemists, Engineers, Geologists, Microbiologists and Laboratory Technologists as well as visiting Academics and Research Fellows. Our services also benefit from networking with other local laboratories in Port Harcourt, such as the NNPC R&D Laboratory for carrying out related functions for which we do not have the full complement of analytical equipment and instrumentation.

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