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We have in-house capability for a wide-range of data interpretation and reporting in respect of rock and fluids geochemistry, rock/fluids handling, etc. For a long time we were the West Africa representative of Messrs Integrated Exploration Services (IES) GmbH of Germany for training and licensing of users for the industry-standard Petromod 1D, 2D and 3D Petroleum System Modeling software for hydrocarbon charge, petroleum system and basin modelling before the company was bought by Schlumberger. We can also hire and procure other software whenever required for other geological consultancies.

PETROLEUM GEOCHEMISTRY SERVICES: The following summarizes what we are able to offer in Petroleum Geochemistry locally through our scientists/engineers and in collaboration with offshore technical partners:

Well-site geochemical analysis using the Geofina Hydrocarbon Meter (GHM) for fingerprinting free hydrocarbons in cuttings/drilling mud for quick and ...
(i) Source-rock richness/quality/maturity and petroleum potential.
(ii) Assessment of sealing efficiency of caprocks/faults...
(i) Detection of oil seeps at sea-bed.
(ii) Source-rock evaluation of outcrops, etc.
(i) Determination of fluid contacts.
(ii) Determination of reservoir continuity.
(ii) Assessment of oil column quality and filling history...
i. Hydrocarbon baseline studies.
ii. Fingerprinting of oils/ tar balls, etc for tracing oil polluter.
iii. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)...
i. In-house
ii. At a client’s designated location
i. In-house
ii. At a client’s designated location
(i) Gas Chromatographic and Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometric Analysis of oil and gas for production operations including monitoring, quality control, etc.
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