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We undertake several analyses in-house in our modern laboratory in Port Harcourt. We also collaborate with local and offshore laboratories to execute projects for which we do not have complete technical and human resources. In total, we are able to offer all of the following services:

* Sample Preparation
* Headspace Gas Chromatography
* LECO Total Organic Carbon (TOC)
* Rock-Eval Pyrolyis
* Soxhlet Extraction of Rock...
Our laboratories network is able to handle the following petroleum characterizations:
*Crude Oil Assay
* Specific Gravity (API Gravity)
* Pour Point...
We undertake the analysis of water for different physicochemical parameters, as follows, that are relevant to well-head/flow-station production chemistry, effluent monitoring, flow assurance and environmental...
We also provide the following physicochemical parameters for characterization of soils...
Microbiological assays for the following parameters can be conducted on soils and water.
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